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Here he comes. . .
He's a demon on wheels!!

Speed Racer Fansites
Adventure's waiting just ahead!!

Speed News
Up-to-date breaking news & reputable fan-based rumors
from within the Speed Racer world as they develop!

Speed Racer Trivia 101 & FAQ
Just a little information every true Speed Fan should possess. . .

Mom Racer's Image Gallery
Because every Mom keeps a scrapbook. . .

Ace's Amazing Assortment of Speed Racer Imagery
Browse the extensive collection
of fellow Speed Fan Ace Deucy!!

Speed Racer Theme Song & Lyrics
You know you can't resist. . . Sing along!!

WWWF Road Rally Grudgematch
Imagine a race pitting the Mach V vs. the General Lee vs.
the Bluesmobile vs. Thelma & Louise's Thunderbird vs. . . .
A little fan-based fun!

Speed Racer for Kid Action
A nice little article about some product developments that,
unfortunately, never saw the actual light of day.
Great prototype images!

Racer X for Kid Action & Capt. Terror for Dr. Evil
Another fine article regarding two more Playing Mantis
prototypes that never made it into production.
More great images though!

~Nods to fellow Speed aficionado, tatsunokofan, for the link!~

A Tale of Two Moms
Just a little comparison & contrast. . .

Mom Racer's Mach V Re-Marketables
A little online yard sale!

Our Speed Racer Storybooks
Our own personal adventure with Speed & friends!


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