As those who know me well will attest, I am (obviously) a bit of a devoted Speed Racer fan, as are my own children. So know equally well it is with a heavy heart that I have found it necessary to disable my direct links to all "officially" affiliated Speed Racer sites and services.

Unfortunately, Speed appears to have hit a bump in the road where his licensor, "Speed Racer Enterprises" (SRE) is concerned. During 2002/03, there were a rash of lawsuits launched against the property, largely over licensing issues. There have even been circumstances whereby some fans have lost money while attempting to purchase what was thought to have been properly licensed Speed Racer merchandise and/or services. Even more unfortunately, discussion of concerns over such topics in any "official" Speed Racer forum has been restricted, if not edited and/or altogether prohibited.

Insofar as that has become the case, there are those fans among us--myself included--who find that manner of censorship to be unacceptable. And while I respect and accept that, due to legal considerations, it is likely inadviseable for the folks at SRE to openly address some of these issues on a message board, their failure to acknowledge or even forewarn the fanbase as to some of these issues concerns me greatly; particularly since I had to go to task myself, pursuing one such refund quite at length. (Six months, to be exact.)

In the meantime, I will remain open-minded towards learning of developments where SRE's legal issues are concerned maintaining the hope that someday we will all be able to hear "their side of the story", and that the situation will improve and the communication will flow freely once again. As of now, however, several years later, that has not been the case.

Until that time my "official" links shall remain disabled. However, all links to fan-based sites are expected to remain intact because--as any true, diehard Speed Racer fan knows--it is THE FANS who truly fuel all the property is and has been for the past 35+ years.


Mom Racer

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