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October 2006 Misc. Speed merchandise update brief

Well, the 5th and final Lionsgate DVD is now available for purchase, as are some of the Art Asylum items, including the not-to-be-missed Speed and Racer X minimates.

What's that? You haven't picked yours up yet?! Get movin'!!

August 2006 Artisan plans October release for 5th Speed Racer DVD
News tip courtesy of Speed Fan Cocopugg

Slated for release on Halloween (October 31) 2006, fans can prepare for the 5th and final installment of Speed Racer DVDs from Lionsgate (formerly Artisan). This DVD will contain the 8 remaining episodes along with a collectible, limited edition license plate reading "Go Speed Racer Go".

Here is the episode listing, followed by a glimpse at the cover art:

Great Car Wresting Match
Motorcycle Apaches
Car with a Brain
Junk Yard Grand Prix
The Car in the Sky
The Trick Race
Race Around the World (Part 1)
Race Around the World (Part 2)

For more on the press release:

August 2006 Speed Racer interactive comic book software coming!
eperez discovers another hot, new tip!

Straight out of San Diego Comic Con 2006, here's a clip from the press release eperez recently posted on Pakrat's Mach 5 Forum.

GO Speed Racer, GO!! Speed Racer Comic Book Creator Interactive Entertainment Software is Coming to a Race Track Near You

The most futuristic car in the world, the Mach 5, teams-up with Planetwide Games supercharged digital media comic book creator software.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 1, 2006 -- Wizard World Chicago, Booth No. 739 – Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc. and Planetwide Games, Inc. announced today their agreement to create and market worldwide the Speed Racer Comic Book Creator Interactive Entertainment Self-Publishing Software featuring the classic characters such as Speed Racer, Racer X, Pops, Trixie, Chim Chim, Spritle, Sparky and the Mach 5. The Speed Racer Comic Book Creator software will allow loyal and new fans of Speed Racer the opportunity to interact with Speed Racer characters, backgrounds, icons, screen shots, video clips, audio and the Speed Racer popular songs while creating their very own Speed Racer digital media comic books. This year is the start of the 40th Anniversary of the classic Speed Racer franchise that started the Japanese animation craze back in the 1960s. The Speed Racer Comic Book Creator software is supercharged and ready to go racing on the super speedways of the Web2.0 world.

Sounds pretty interesting, eh? For more, read the entire press release eperez posted here:

July 2006 Potential new Speed Racer comic series on the horizon
Thanks to our eeeevil pal, Oriana, for this tip. (See?! She's not ENTIRELY evil!)

Now here's a little something that may be of broader appeal to the traditionalist Speed fan set. Apparently SRE has engaged a firm to create a new series of comics. Here is the press release scouted out by Oriana.


(Los Angeles, January 25, 2006) - Seven Seas Entertainment announced today its agreement with Speed Racer Enterprises to release an all-new original color comic based on Speed Racer, the famous animated TV series from the 1960's. Like Speed's race car, the Mach 5, the series will zoom into stores monthly as a 5-issue mini-series starting July, 2006.

"Speed Racer is such an icon that I'm thrilled to be able to release new comics based on the legendary series," enthused Seven Seas president Jason DeAngelis. "There are lots more stories left to tell in the Speed Racer mythos; stories that today's readers will find both fresh and exciting while staying true to the classic series that has kept fans spellbound since the very first day the Mach 5 roared onto their TV screens."

In 2005, Seven Seas carved a name for itself in the manga industry for producing original English language manga with high quality art and stories. The Speed Racer mini-series will mark Seven Seas' first foray into traditional 32-page color comics. For this latest incarnation of Speed Racer, Seven Seas promises an engaging cinematic storyline written by a prominent Hollywood screenwriter, along with dynamic artwork by a top-notch manga artist - both to be announced shortly.

"When Seven Seas approached us with the idea of extending the Classic Speed Racer storylines by creating a new comic book series, we were very intrigued. We feel confident Seven Seas will put out a line of comics that the millions of Speed Racer fans can relate to and will want to purchase for their collections," said James Rocknowski, executive vice president of Speed Racer Enterprises.

About Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC:

Seven Seas Entertainment is devoted to producing original manga, comics and graphic novels, and bringing the best in Japanese licenses to North American audiences. Established in 2004, the company has released its first four manga titles -- Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope and No Man's Land -- in early 2005, and has an impressive line-up of new series. In addition, Seven Seas will be releasing the hit Boogiepop series in manga and novel format in 2006. Seven Seas launched its web site,, in October 2004, and has since become a daily stop for thousands of visitors eager to read manga online and contribute to an ever-growing forum community.

About Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc.

Speed Racer Enterprises, formed in 1991, owns the worldwide rights to the Classic Speed Racer animated television series and manages and controls the merchandising, licensing and promotional activities for the property. For more information on Speed Racer contact James Rocknowski @ Also visit Speed Racer on the web @

See more here at

July 2006 "Speed Racer Lives" makes its debut

It would appear that the website has been updated, and the first of the webisodes we've been hearing about has debuted. Coupled with the recently unveiled images coming from Comic Con, it looks like its time to saunter on over and see what all the fuss is about.

July 2006 Speed shows up at San Diego Comic Con '06

As we've been hearing, SRE has teamed up with the likes of Art Asylum to produce action figures, vehicles and whatnot to coordinate with their upcoming webisode series "Speed Racer Lives". Prototypes of these were recently displayed at Comic Con '06 in San Diego, so why not take a peek? And by all means, don't miss the second page which includes images of some classic Speed characters and vehicles in mini-mates form. Those may just be "must have" for us traditionalists!

Art Asylum Speed Racer coverage, courtesy of

July 2006 Speed Racer live action movie update
Nods once again to eperez for always routing out the news and reliable rumors.

"Last time we checked up on the big screen version of Speed Racer, Martha reported the Wachowski boys were supposedly taking over the project, with plans to both write and direct a live-action film. After Vince Vaughn sold his pitch for Speed Racer back in 2004, a ton of giant names have circled the project. However, nothing seemed to be moving forward until the Wachowski rumor surfaced.

Now, according to IGN, it's been confirmed the Wachowski's are definitely doing Speed Racer and Vince Vaughn is still involved in the film. Most likely, the actor will remain in a supporting role taking on the character Racer X. Currently, the Wachowski's have begun work on the script, though production on Speed Racer will not be starting up anytime soon. The way it's going, I'd figure this one won't begin shooting until 2008, with a possible summer 2009 release. But that's just a wild guess. I still remain pumped up about the project and am very interested to see the Wachowski's take on this classic cartoon. I'd imagine 'extremely trippy' would be one of the ways to describe what we'll eventually see up on screen."

July 2006 40th Anniversary Ornament

In order to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the American debut of the original Speed Racer series come 2007, this holiday season, Carlton Cards is offering a licensed ornament ala Speed, complete with a sound chip featuring part of our favorite theme song. Set to retail at $19.99, here's a glimpse.

April 2006 Speed Racer Lives?! You make the call. . .

Well. . .we've been hearing little slivers about this for months: new, updated version of Speed Racer on the horizon in the form of a webtoon, coupled with toys/DVDs/merchandise headed up by Art Asylum. Now there's a website were you can catch a glimpse of the characters and form your own first impressions for yourself.

February 2006 It finally happened: Speed Racer plush!

Fans have chatted about the potential for Speed Racer plush for years; most particularly with respect to Spritle and Chim-Chim. While I'm not 100% sure this is precisely what the doctor ordered, apparently these have been out for several months, although I just recently manged to stumble across them myself while browsing on eBay. Here's a glimpse:

Proportions seem to be a little off (ex: Spritle is considerably larger than Speed, each of whom is larger than the Mach V), but hey. . .it's a start! No matter how you slice it, you've kinda gotta love Chim-Chim!!

February 2006 Speed Racer makes an appearance at NYC ToyFair 2006
Generous thanks to artist & creator Matt Cauley at Iron-Cow Productions

As we learned late last year, SRE is planning a new Speed Racer web series based upon the evolved life of Speed and Trixie, along with their twin children, Speed Jr. and Velocity. Bearing as much in mind, they have apparently joined forces with toy company Art Asylum in order to produce assorted figures and toys to go along with the new programming.

While some diehard fans remain skeptical and others cautiously optomisitic as to this upcoming turn in Speed's advantures, at the very least we can rest easy knowing that some of Art Asylum's design work for these toys lies in the highly capable hands of Matt Cauley (aka: Iron-Cow). An accomplished artist, graphic designer and action figure customizer extraordinaire, Matt is sure to lend his strong influence to this project.

Here is a gallery view of what was recently shown at ToyFair 2006 in New York City, courtesy of

February 2006 Speed Racer Plug-N-Play delayed
Nods to eperez for keeping us "up to speed" on this!

It appears the release date for this anticipated Speed Racer version of those popular "plug-n-play" video games has again been delayed. Online sources now point to March 1st as the retail debut, but experience has taught us it is better to cross our fingers than hold our breath when it comes to these situations. Our reliable pal eperez also tells us it appears this item will only be available for sale online, rather than in any "bricks and mortar" stores.

Stay tuned for more info. as it becomes available!

January 2006 Artisan plans release of 4th Speed Racer DVD
eperez, whatever would we do without you?!

With a tentative release date of March 14th, 2006 slated, fans can get ready for the 4th installment of Speed Racer DVDs from Artisan. However, this time there appears to be a twist. As opposed to the more customary 12-13 episodes, it appears this volume will only contain the next 8 episodes, and instead feature a diecast Mach V toy vehicle as its special feature, yielding a similar price point to previous Artisan volumes. Presumably, then, this would leave one more 8-episode volume left to come. I guess time will tell!

Meanwhile, here's a glance at which episodes this latest DVD is expected to include:

The Terrifying Gambler
The Secret Invaders (Part 1)
The Secret Invaders (Part 2)
Man Behind the Mask
The Car Destroyer
The Desperate Racer
The Dangerous Witness
Race the Laser Tank

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