A Very Special Cake

A few weeks before our youngest son's 10th birthday,we lost a very special member of our family~~my grandmother, and my children's sole remaining great-grandparent. Sharp and witty 'til the end, we were fortunate enough to enjoy her company and candor for 93 years, and she left an indellible mark on the hearts of many, not the least of which were her dozens of grand-children, great-grandchildren and even one great-great-grandchild.

Our son's godparents saw to it that he received a special token with which to remember her~~a teddy bear which she always kept at her bedside. Something of an old soul himself and most definitely a sentimentalist, our son decided that, for his 10th birthday, he wanted a cake that would make Great-Grandma smile, so he chose a chocolate-chip, pumpkin spice recipe in the shape and decor of his favorite new bear.

Many nods of thanks to my pal, Christine, who always does a fantastic job rendering her custom cakes, for truly capturing the likeness of Grandma's bear right down to the little details of love-worn wear and tear. Not only was the cake delicious, the memory of how it came to be will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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