Rants, Ruminations & Advices

Hey, a gal's got a right to speak her mind as well as her peace.

Well. . . here is my space to do just that.

Make of it whatever you will, but remember: Mom generally knows best!!

A Little Challenge. . .
And a chance to change the world.

A Little "Un-Solicited" Advice
Dread telemarketers, junk mail and email spam?
Check this out!

Because everybody's got to have something to say. . .

What Goes Around Comes Around
A word or two about recycling.

Speed Hits a Bump in the Road
A message about my "official" Speed Racer links.

Our Review of the "Speed Racer" Live-Action Movie
Did you see it? What did you think?
Here's what we have to say. . .

Exemplary eBay Sellers
A few fragrant roses amid the otherwise thorny world of eBay.

Collectibles In Review
Read along as I take the occasional stab at reviewing some of what I collect.

Winter In New England
Just a bit of a visual rant. . .
Note: Page is image heavy & may require some time to load.

Anatomy of a Home Improvement Project
Join along on our odyssey as we transform our home
with a major addition and assorted interior renovations.