This is really nothing more than a collection of quotes, quips and phrases that have caught my attention for one reason or another, most of which I couldn't even begin to attribute to any particular source. The vast majority are amusing in the colloquial sense. They're not meant to be particularly erudite or enlightened, although many happen to be asute an/or philosophical in an "every day" kind of way.

I'd rather suspect many of them would make for great needlework projects or folksy plaques suitable for framing or display. Others are probably more your "fridge magnet" or "t-shirt" order of fare. For these reasons, not to mention their sheer quantity, I have decided to go ahead and categorize them.

Sit back, take some time and read, and if nothing else, maybe a grin will cross your face or a chuckle will enter your throat. You never know. . .you may even raise an eyebrow or two!

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