Pop Culture Nostalgia & Shopping

Pink Panther flakes are great!

Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
If browsing this site doesn't put a smile on your face. . .
Well then. . .What kind of childhood did YOU have?!

Tick Tock Toys
All sorts of nostalgic toy, candy & food packaging,
and a whole lot more!

TV Land
Vintage TV satisfaction guaranteed!

Nick at Nite
Even more vintage TV for your viewing pleasure!

In the 70s!!
All orders of 70s nostalgia--music, television, movies, fads & fashion, etc.
Don't forget the links to the 80s & 90s too!

Stuck in the 70s
In homage to the decade that just won't fade into oblivion.

The 80s Movies Rewind
A vertible online encyclopedia of 80s movie
images, info., trivia, soundtrack listings, trailers & more!!

Wicked Cool Stuff
A pop-culture shopping paradise!

Time & Space Toys
More great pop-culture/nostalgia toy shopping!

The Quasi-Comprehensive Candy Bar Wrapper Guide
Exactly what it sounds like. . .
And somebody bring back the Marathon bar already!!

Old Time Candy
Candy you ate as a kid! Shopping & nostalgia.

Groovy Candies
Hard to find candies from the 50s, 60s &70s!
More shopping & nostalgia.

Home Town Favorites
Nostalgic and hard-to-find food shopping and memories.

John Mann's Wacky Packages Page
Who could forget collecting these as a kid in the '70s?!
A fabulous collector fansite!

Wacky Packages.com
The official Topps website!
Wow~they're back for a whole new generation!
Check out the brand new series and explore their virtual world.

The Official "Weird Al" Website
This guy's probably a bit too tapped into Pop Culture but. . .
Why not stop by and learn how you can become
a "Close Personal Friend of Al's"?!

SchoolHouse Rock!!
C'mon! You know this is the ONLY reason you know the
entire preamble to the Constitution!

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