Peanuts Collecting & Fandom

The Peanuts Collectors Club
THE CLUB for the discrimination Peanuts collector and. . .
". . .the Web's #1 resource for everything related to the world of Peanuts!"

Disey's Snoop-O-Rama
"The Scoop on Snoops!"
Up-to-date insight into the world of Peanuts merchandise, plus much more!
The Official Website!!
Screensavers, online greetings, and much more!

The Charles M. Schulz Museum
Brand new and not to be missed!

Knott's Berry Farm
Yeah, yeah, everyone's done Disney. . .
Now check out Snoopy's southern California resort!!

Cedar Point
The Peanuts-themed amusement park in Sandusky, OH,
and "roller coaster capitol of the world"!!

Sopwith Productions
The inimitable animation art of Bill Melendez.

Peanuts Passes Away. . .
A pictorial gallery of editorial cartoon tributes
rendered in memory of Charles M. Schulz.

Peanuts Cartoon Parodies
Just a little good-humored fun from
"Off The Mark" by Mark Parisi.

"The site that's totally Snoop-a-rific"!
A fantastic fan-based resource.
The most comprehensive Peanuts book
collecting guide available & more!

Love to
Fabulous fun--shopping, browsing, collecting, etc!

EAW Peanuts
Loads of information and links, including
images from all the St. Paul sculpture exhibitions.

Which Peanuts Character are You?
Head on over to Quizilla and find out for sure!

The "Snoopy Says" Generator
Pick a character and plug in a custom phrase!

Peanuts Meets Marvel
A little irreverent fan-based fun.
Love it!

Grudge Match: Charlie Brown & Snoopy
vs. Wallace & Gromit

Who wins? You decide!!
More fan-based imaginative fun.

Chasing down Peanuts Collectibles?

Mom Racer highly recommends:
"The Peanuts Collectibles Identification & Values Guide",
written by PCC Founder & President, Andrea Podley!!

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Peanuts is the creation of Charles M. Schulz and the licensing property of United Media.