Mindless Online Entertainment
When you've simply got nothing better to do. . .
Please note: some of these links may be unsuitable for the very young.
As a parent myself, I'd rate many of these "PG".

Nods go out to all my pals at the RTM ToyBuzz
since a more than inordinate number of these links
originated as posts on that message board!!

The Beloit College Mindset List
A little annual tradition from my own alma mater.
A glimpse at life through the eyes of the incoming freshman class.
**Don't miss the link for lists from previous years!**

Because something always seems to get lost in the translation. . .
Plenty of laughs!

The Flying Cow
Way more fun than flinging cow chips!

Smack the Penguin!
Same basic premise, but with a bat-wielding yeti and a penguin!

Those Obnoxious Singing Horses
Quite possibly the most annoying thing on the internet,
and yet. . .oddly compelling. . .
(Click on each of the horses, and you'll see what I mean.)

Perpetual Bubble Wrap
It's just what it sounds like.
Pop to your heart's content!

Virtual Etch-A-Sketch
Gee, this is a little harder than I remember it,
but fun! Check out the gallery too.

The Trash Can Game
Careful now. . .Gotta watch that office wind speed!

Pepe's Lounge
Visit that smooth-talking, Muppet king prawn's lair.

Homestar Runner.com
Be sure to check out Strong Bad's email!

The Snoopy Says Generator
Choose from a variety of Peanuts characters!

The Hobbit Name Generator
Discover your secret name!

The Elvish Name Generator
Discover your other secret name!

The Geek Test
Let's face it: there's a little "geek" in us all.
Find out just how much of a "geek" you really are!

Which Marvel Superhero Are You?!
Featuring 26 different Superhero outcomes!

Pick on Your President
Who knew George W. could be so much fun?!

The Movie Sounds Page
Listen to sound clips from all sorts of films.

Movie Sounds Central
Even more movie sound clips.
You could play all day!

Matt's Movie Sounds
Yet again with the movie sound clips,
plus links to many more such sites.
Also includes some fun "personality" tests, etc.

Combo Number 5 (download)
Just when you thought you could get
that Lou Bega jingle out of your head. . .

Desktop Destroy (download)
Release those pent -up frustrations
by "virtually" demolishing your PC screen.
(Includes other PC game downloads as well.)

Links to a varied assortment of things to do online
when you're. . .well. . .bored!!

Emma's Fun Stuff
An extensive listing of online activities and curiosities.
The place to be when you're bored!

Dr. Dave House of Fun
Another extensive listing of online activities and curiosities,
and plenty of com-o-dee!

Yahoo Games
From card games, arcade games, board games,
crossword puzzles , fantasy sports, and more!
Play individually or with others online.

Feeling Jolly?
Why let the fun stop here?!
Check out these links for some
Mindless Online Christmas Entertainment !!

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