I Love Music!!

To say the least. . . There's always something playing on the radio, in the stereo,
on the TV (thank you XM satellite radio), in the car, or on the iPod.

While I'm hard-pressed to pick an all-time favorite and this list is hardly all-inclusive, here's a glimpse
at some of the artists I've either long enjoyed or am otherwise presently very into.

Featured Artist: Jamie Cullum

Never heard of him?
Do yourself a favor. Check him out.

This British upstart is a fabulously talented performer
and eclectic Jazz musician, often compared to the likes of Harry
Connick, Jr. However, we find he's a bit more akin to an early
Billy Joel collides with Billy Joe Armstrong.

Difficult at best to categorize, most American radio stations just don't
know what to do with his music, but he is most definitely beginning to make
his mark with both interpretive jazz covers as well as his own original
tunes, tapping from a broad selection of genres ranging from rock
to hip-hop, and everything in between.

Already phenomenally popular in the UK and Europe, South America and
Asia, as usual, the US market tends to be a bit more closed-minded just
when it ought to be listening intently. But not to worry. . .
Jamie is beginning to make his mark here too, largely by word-of-mouth.
During his multiple 2006 US tours, he packed houses full, keeping
audiences on their feet night after night after night.

If you have the opportunity to see him live, don't pass up the chance.
We've seen him twice and find his unique stage presence and energy to be
unmatched; in many respects even better live than he is recorded.

We can't wait for his next upcoming album (currently being recorded),
but in the meantime, definitely tune up the "Jamie FM" music player & check him out!!

Featured Album:
Brian Setzer Orchestra: Wolfgang's Big Night Out

Wow--classical music has never sounded like this before!

Best Classical Crossover Album of 2007.
Be sure to take a listen!

Previous Recommendations

Just push play and walk this way!!!

Classic American rock.
Even my teenager wants to see 'em live!

Barenaked Ladies
When have lyrics ever been this much fun?
Can't wait to see them live sometime!

David Bowie

From Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom
straight through to his "Golden Years". . .
Pure, timeless Cool.

Ray Charles
True genius.

Cheap Trick
As a teen, I grew up less than an hour
from where these guys originated.
Hard not to become a fan!

Dave Matthews Band
Just love their sound, simple as that.

At this point, am I kicking myself that
I didn't catch them at live Fenway this summer?
Yep. Pretty much.

John Denver
Surely gone too soon, there was nothing quite
like seeing him perform live in Denver.


I love offbeat musical innovation, and "Dare"
you not to love the rhythm of this band!

Green Day
Sure they've crossed over big time now,
but imagine my explaining to my own kids how I've
been a fan since before they were even born!

Vince Guaraldi
Once again gone too soon,
what a legacy he's left behind.

Hall & Oates
Okay. I admit it. They were my youthful early 80s fetish.
I'll always love their Philly-R&B inspired sound.

Catch some excellent live collaborations between Daryl
and various notable artists at Live at Daryl's Place.

Joe Jackson
Look sharp!

Billy Joel
While "Glass Houses" is probably my personal fav,
I love his full evolution, including that
tiny little piano collaboration with Ray.

Lenny Kravitz
Love his retro-fusion rock style!
I've been following Lenny since before it became cool.
(Hey, he's my age! Imagine that!!)

John Lennon
Simply legendary.

Maroon 5

Around here, "Songs About Jane" sees major playtime,
and now we're breaking in "It Won't Be Soon Before Long".

Paul McCartney
Fabulous to see live,
I don't need dish on his impending divorce.
Just let the guy continue to make music.

John Mellencamp
Well now ain't that America?
Little pink houses and all. . .

Donny Osmond
Oh, it may have been "Puppy Love" alright,
but for sure he was my first musical heartthrob.


Rock so classic you simply must sing along,
plus there's nothing quite like making sure your
own kids know all the words to "Bohemian Rhapsody"!

From their roots in the American underground
to the foundations of alternative rock,
I was an undergrad during the early/mid-80s,
so of course I was listening!

Brian Setzer

Okay, so he was fun in the 80s leading the Stray Cats,
but this whole rockabilly re-invention "Orchestra" thing rocks!

Paul Simon
From folk through rock and pop,
onto thoughtful musical exploration and fusion,
his music has helped shape generations.

Smash Mouth

I just can't "get enough" of these guys, baby!!
Definitely need to see them live sometime.


From The Police to his solo work,
rock with an agenda never sounded so good.

Stevie Ray Vaughan
My Stevie Ray CDs are among the "pride & joy" of my collection.
I can only wonder what else he might have given
us had he not been lost in his prime.

"Weird Al" Yankovic
"White & Nerdy"?! You bet!
Yet a surprisingly regular guy.

Who knew the accordion would pay
and parody could be so much fun?!

ZZ Top
How can you not love a band
sporting long beards and fuzzy guitars?!

Personally, I appreciate true music diversity.

Local to Boston, yet streaming live on the web is my personal
favorite among the radio airwaves: 92.5 WXRV--The River.

For a blend of hits from the 80s, 90s and today,
also streaming live on the web is another favorite:
104.5 WXLO out of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Just for fun, check out the crazy, eclectic list of artists found On My iPod!!

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