~~Halloween Costumes History~~
What good is Halloween without a great costume?!
Our kids love dressing up as some of their favorite characters.
Here's a glimpse at some of the costumes they've donned in years past.
Stay tuned as I dig up images from some of the other previous years!

Click on an image to enlarge.

Halloween 2006

The Phantom of the Opera
and a Mythical Faerie

A Scarecrow
and the Phantom of the Opera again!

Halloween 2005

Jack Skellington
~Nightmare Before Christmas~
George "Dubya" Bush

and introducing. . .
"Napoleanne" Dynamite!!

Jack Skellington
~Nightmare Before Christmas~
President George "Dubya" Bush
~Gaara's sister--Naruto~

Originally, my daughter intended to dress as Inuyasha.
Unfortunately, those plans were way-laid by
one eBay transaction gone terribly wrong.
(Seller failed to come through on time with custom costumes
for nearly two dozen customers, resulting in her suspension!)
Instead, my daughter opted to "bite the bullet" and pulled
together several costumes at the last minute to suit her tastes!

As you can see (above), we also managed to come up with a fun, custom
pair of "Great Pumpkin" jeans for her in the meantime!

Halloween 2004

Rare Hunter
~Lego Bionicle~
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
~Cowboy Bebop~
. . .and their pal the wolfman too!!

~Invader Zim~

Halloween 2003

Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Moaning Myrtle

Halloween 2002

Jesse the Yodeling Cowgirl
Leiutenant Zurg
Buzz Lightyear
~Toy Story 2~

Halloween 2001

The Crocodile Hunter
Buzz Lightyear
~To infinity. . .and beyond!!~

A Monarch Butterfly

. . .And check out our great

Halloween 2000

Sailor Mars, Captain Hook
& a Nascar Racer

Halloween 1999

Two Brave Knights in Shining Armor
Princess Belle
~Beauty & the Beast~

Halloween 1998

Mulan, Batman & Speed Racer!!!

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