An Acknowledgement to All
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First and foremost. . .heartfelt thanks and HATS OFF TO YOU!!!

It's folks like yourselves who make it possible for novice website builders such as myself, otherwise stuck in the woe begotten world of "HTML 101 for Dummies", to assemble webpages with a little bit of style and panache.

With respect to the gifs, graphics and backgrounds used within this website, I have done my level best to provide links and acknowledgements for all respective graphics providers as per their "Terms of Use" wherever relevant, and to respect the specifics of each unique provider's terms whenever and however they were defined. This is particularly true of those sites offering their copyrighted gifs and graphics.

Still, it remains entirely possible that I have made some oversights and/or misinterpretations along the way. If you believe I have employed any of your offerings herein without satisfactory compliance towards your specific "Terms of Use", please feel free to contact me via email (below), and I will be happy to make any necessary adjustments.

To the best of my knowledge, all the graphics employed herein which are being offered via "free" internet sources not requesting specific acknowledgement or otherwise delineating "Terms of Use" for the borrowing of said graphics, are being offered purely as "Public Domain". If you recognize one of your graphics here and believe this not to be the case, once again, please contact me via email (below) in a manner clearly demonstrating as much, and I will gladly make any necessary adjustments accordingly.

With the exception of most photographs contained herein and a handful of backgrounds created by myself, I make no specific claims of any kind toward the gifs and graphics contain herein, including those which are character-based. They have been borrowed and utilized as offered via various gifs and graphics sites; nothing more. I do not purport to own them or possess any vested interest in them: creative, financial, copyright or otherwise. As such, I respectfully request that no one else link directly to any of the images or graphics contained herein. Please avail the providers list offered here and seek them out for yourself. Then properly upload the grapics you desire into your own system as per the "Terms of Use" unique to each individual provider.

I do, however, lay complete claim and ownership to the overall assembly and creation of this website, as well as the photographs contained herein, and respectfully request that it no parts of this site be copied and/or employed elsewhere in any manner, without the benefit of my knowledge or express permission.

While linking directly to the gifs and graphics contained herein is not permissible, providing a link to this site is certainly is. The favor of an email acknowledgement to that degree would be greatly appreciated, as I might find it of similar benefit to link back to those sites referring to my own. Please contact me via the email link offered below.

Thank you, and. . .

Please remember, Theft of Bandwith is a Crime!

Please note: Many of the fonts used within this website will not be universally supported, and I am unaware how the resulting default fonts may appear. Should you experience any difficulty in viewing or reading anything on this site, encounter any inactive links, etc., please consider contacting me accordingly. Thanks!!

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