Great Gifs & Graphics

The process of creating my own website has been an adventure all
it's own. Having spent countless hours pouring over hundreds of
sites and services offering "free" gifs and graphics of every
persuasion, I decided it would be of benefit to offer a unified page of
links to what have become some of my own personal favorites.
(Although there exist an infinite number of other sites to be discovered!)

Know that I offer up the links below with the utmost
gratitude toward all those who offer them.
A note of acknowledgement!!

The proprietors of some of these sites are offering graphics as "public
domain", free of charge or obligation. Some providers request
the simple favor of an acknowledgment and a link back to their own
website as a courtesy in exchange for use of their graphics, as you
will find I've done on some pages here. Others provide copyrighted
graphics and will request additional conditions be met.
Always be sure to familiarize yourself with a proprietor's
"Terms of Use" before helping yourself to any graphics being offered.

It is my hope that you will enjoy these sites as I have myself,
and that should you elect to use any of the graphics contained
therein, please be sure to respect the requests of the respective
proprietors. Moreover, please do not link directly to any of the
graphics contained either here or on any of the sites offered below.
When offered for use, graphics should always be uploaded/transloaded
and saved into your own system.

Remember, theft of bandwith is a crime!
A variety of categorized selections; many homemade.

Andy's Animated Gif Archive
An extensive collection!

Celine's Original Graphics
All sorts of original backgrounds, buttons, bars and more!

Cod's Background Gifs and Midis
Plenty to choose from! Nicely categorized.

Dimestore's Animated Gifs
100s of free animated gifs.

Dorret's Animations
Lots to choose from! Nicely categorized.

Emma's Fun Stuff
Gifs, graphics, sigs, sets & more,
plus it's all linkable!

FeebleMinds Free Animated Gifs, Etc.
An extensive assortment of gifs!

Fetch Fido
A fabulous collection of background graphics.
Superb previews too!
Hundreds & hundreds of fonts to choose from!

Free Gifs & Animations.Com
All sorts of website basics.

Gaelic Girl's Gifs
A collection of Medieval, Fantasy & Celtic graphics.
Free online gifs editor!

Ginger's Gifs
A dozen pages of gifs.

Granny O's Haven of Gifs
All kinds of goodies!

Light of Love
Plentiful selection of Christmas gifs, wavs & midis!

Marianne's Christian Clip Art
Plenty of Christian gifs and much, much more!

Mishu's Graphics
Lovely web graphics with a jeweled theme!

Nevr2L8's Bars/Lines/Diveders Gifs
An extensive collection!

Penny Parker Graphics
Lovely images from the artist's own drawings and paintings.

Pleasure Gait Farms
Hundreds of useful graphics, and a horse lover's dream!

Purple Rose's Website
A varied assortment of offerings, well categorized.

Shangrala's Animated Gallery
100s of free animated gifs, plus links to more sites!

Sizcat's Borders, Bars & Buttons
Plenty of color-coordinated selections!

Spider's Christmas Gifs
Categorized Christmas gifs, web graphics, midis and more!

Useless Graphics
An incredibly USEFUL source for gifs and graphics!

Web Page Color Tester
Perfect for background basics.
Works for font colors too!
Plenty of holiday selections!

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