I would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge with fond gratitude all those elements in my life which make this site possible.

From Snoopy to Speed Racer, Calvin to Kris Kringle and so very many other beloved characters along the way which have left indelible prints on my heart, thank you. Thanks to you and all your respective creators for placing a smile on my face and a laugh in my voice as well as in my heart. Thank you for the entertainment, the adventures and the memories.

For the love of all the hobbies, collectibles, pastimes and crafts in which I partake (including this newfound pursuit of website creation!), thank Heaven for them! Not only do they serve to keep me sane, but they're also instrumental in allowing me to endeavor as the best possible mother for my children; each of whom have developed an affection for many of my own childhood favorites, and have become collectors in their own right.

And to all the folks I've met and the friends I've made along the way while engaging in these assorted pursuits, heartfelt thanks to you as well. There exist far too many to properly list you all, but I have made a few integral personal dedications below.

Most of all. . .I wish to dedicate this site to my husband, without whose patience, infinite computer knowledge, and unwavering support and encouragement to try my hand at all of this, this site wouldn't even begin to be a possibility, much less a reality.

It is with all my love that I thank God for you each and every day.

Special Personal Acknowledgements
To all the little people "behind the scenes". . .
(whether they realize it or not!)

~~To the late, great Kelly Tarigo~~Peanuts Collector Extraordinnaire~~
Semper Fidelis Ad Pisumnux, my friend!
A genuine "one-of-a-kind" whose influence will remain forever indelible.

~~And to her sister, Cindy Taylor~~Reining eBay Princess~~
For carrying on Kelly's legacy while taking such good care of us all as only you can.
In a class by herself and worth her weight in bubble wrap, this one!
I'm proud and honored to call you a friend.

~~To the inimitable Andrea Podley~~PCC Founder who "wrote the book" on Peanuts Collecting--literally!~~
I'm equal parts honored, inspired & humbled by your generosity and friendship.
Heartfelt thanks for your brand of kindness along with your sense of humor!

~~To Sandy at Snoop-2-Nuts~~
~~To Carla at
Thank you for your friendship along with all you do towards making this hobby (lifestyle?!)
not only accessible and fun, but a whole lot more affordable!

~~To Teri & Penny~~
Thanks for being my Snoopy Collecting "partners in crime"!

~~To Duggery, Pakrat, eperez, Oriana, Ace and my other Speed Fans-in-kind~~
Adventure's waiting just ahead!
Thanks for the continued comraderie, support, favors & fun!!

~Extra-Special Speed Props~
To Duggery~~for the ultimate plastic homage
To Pakrat~~for making sure the fans come first
To Ace~~for generously sharing with us all
To eperez~~for vigilant pursuit of all Speed scoops
To Oriana~~love those graphics!!

~~To all the RTM ToyBuzz regulars, and especially Bobbi & Rob~~
Thanks for breaking up the daily grind with all the favors, friendship, news and laughter!
Action figure collecting wouldn't be nearly as rewarding without you!

~~To Matt @ Iron-Cow Prod.~~
Sincere praise & thanks for donating your time
as well as your talent towards hilighting the "Hero" in us all!

~~To Wheelchair Rocker~~
Thanks for being a *fan* as well as a friend.

~~To Toni~~
For the gift of your friendship along with all the "Pampering". . .Many, many thanks!!
And here's to wishing you find much happiness and bliss in the sun!

~~To Christine~~
The most willing and able homemade cake baker of them all!!