So what do you call those of us who indulge in Jamie to the extreme?

Why. . .
of course!!

Jamie is like ketchup. . .
He goes with EVERYTHING!!

If you haven't experienced Jamie live. . .well then. . .
you haven't truly experienced "the explosive talent that is"
Jamie Cullum.

"A one-man British invasion."

~Relax featuring Jamie Cullum~

Will someone please explain to me
why this track is unavailable in the USA?!!?

Geoff Gascoyne, brother Ben Cullum, Jamie & Sebastiaan de Krom

"...Radio programmers don't have the imagination of Jamie Cullum,
who is bursting with music and whose music busts down barriers.
Categories can't contain his talent."

The pride of my collection--Jamie's elusive first album:
Heard It All Before
And it's signed!!

Plus. . .

My signed "Catching Tales Tour 2006" litho.

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