Fun with Jamie

Jamie goes "South Park"?!
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"Goose-bump good. . .fresh and hip."

"I am a music nerd of the highest order."
~~ Jamie Cullum ~~

"Everlasting Love" from "Bridget Jones~The Edge of Reason",
which Jamie openly acknowledges as his least favorite cover work.

Clip from the unaired "other version"
of "Everlasting Love", flips and all.

As many fans are well aware, Jamie provided the singing
voice for bandleader Frankie the Frog in Disney's "Meet the Robinsons",
crooning "Give Me the Simple Life" and "Where is Your Heart At?".

In addition, there was buzz of an Oscar nomination for
his performance "Grace is Gone", penned by Clint Eastwood, no less,
for the film of the same name starring John Cusack.

The song has been nominated for a 2008 Golden Globe Award.

A brooding cinematic theme, the movie is about a father reconciling
the death of his military wife who was serving in Iraq.
The soundtrack should be available soon,
and in the meantime you can always find it on iTunes.

Another year later, another Golden Globe nomination.
For 2009, Jamie collaborated again with Clint Eastwood
to create the theme for "Gran Torino". Although
he lost out to Bruce Springsteen for "The Wrestler",
this piece is worth more than listen and is also
available on iTunes.

Jamie with his mum & dad (left)
and wife, Sophie Dahl (right).

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