Collections Gallery
"There is a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'. . ."
~~Dave Barry~~

Collecting things. . .toys, cartoon & character-themed items, Christmas decorations, music, movies, cookbooks, candles, baskets, etc., etc., etc. . . It's a way of life--nay, an obsession--around here!

This is a page which is bound to evolve over time, as many of my collectibles are presently in storage pending some home renovation projects. For now, here are a few glimpses of some of the displays we've recently undertaken.


~~Note: Pages are image heavy & may require some time to load.~~

Peanuts On Display
A small sampling of my collectibles as displayed at school.

Yes, My Daughter Collects Cows. . .
And everybody at school knows!!

She's an American Girl
My daughter takes another turn with the school display case.
This time she shares her American Girl Doll wares.

Rescue Heroes: They Always Save the Day!
Our boys take their turn with the school display case.

There's a Chef in the Kitchen!
And a little dog too. . .
Only the finest plastic decor for the culinary atmosphere.

Love is in the Air
A little Valentine's tribute for the love of Peanuts.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Peanuts Halloween displays from around the house.

A "Characteristic" Christmas Display
Character-based holiday displays from around the house.

Character Crafts
When collecting evolves into artistic expression. . .

Costumes & Cosplay
When character-based obsession spills over yet again!

Tour Our Gryffindor Common Room
When character-based obsession influences home decor.