Candy & Treats

If you've spent any time browsing around my site, you've probably realized
that many of these links already appear on some of my other lists.
Well. . .there just got to be so doggoned many of these candy-related
links that I finally decided they deserved their own category as well.

So here they are!!

Swan Chocolates
A little local treasure offering the finest
handmade Belgian chocolates you'll ever try.
Order online!

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Because there's just something about chocolate. . .
Offering truly amazing truffles & much more!
Shop online or find a location near you.

Hebert Candies
America's first roadside candy store!
Check out their candy mansion and remember. . .
all Hebert's offerings are kosher too!

Jelly Belly
The first name in irresistable jelly beans.
Including Bertie Bott's and the all-new "JBz"!
What's your favorite flavor?!
Offerings from contemporary to nostalgic,
for purchase, fundraising, concessions, etc.
A truly SWEET experience!

Old Time Candy
Candy you ate as a kid! Shopping & nostalgia.

Groovy Candies
Hard to find candies from the 50s, 60s &70s!
More shopping & nostalgia.

The Willy Wonka Candy Factory
Because the Candy Man can. . .
Grab a golden ticket and waltz right in
to explore fun, games, candy & imagination!

The Quasi-Comprehensive Candy Bar Wrapper Guide
Type in your favorite candy bar and locate the wrapper!
Ooooo! Semi-useful nutritional information too!

Candy USA
Candy history, stats, nutrition,
recipes, trivia & much, much more!

Ben & Jerry's
Ice Cream of the highest order & indulgence
with an environmental conscious to boot!

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