Anatomy of a Home Improvement Project

Every now and again, we homeowners get the crazy notion stuck in our heads that we can upgrade or otherwise improve our surroundings, and therefore embark upon one of those notorious "home improvement" projects.

Well. . .this is one of 'em.

The only real difference here is that this one is a biggie, five years in the making, no less. We scrimped, we saved, we budgeted, we planned, and we plotted. Now here we are poised to get underway.

Above is a "before" image of our humble little abode from October 2003. In the weeks and months that follow, we hope to document the process we have contracted to undertake: both a considerable addition to our home along with some renovations to the existing interior.

While there's an abundance of "home improvement" shows on television anymore--everythimg from "This Old House" to "Surprise By Design" to "Trading Spaces" to "Rock the House"--this is going to be much more like "reality TV", where we'll lay it all out on the line: the good along with the unexpected. (Hopefully it'll mostly be good, but we'll see. . .) So why not join us as we embark on our little--okay, NOT so little--adventure, and we'll see what happens along the way. And hopefully when all is said and done, the dream will have become a reality!

Note: Pages are image heavy & may require some time to load.

November 2003: Prep Work and Excavation

November 2003: Footings, Foundation & Backfill

November 2003: Garage Demolition

December 2003: Framing

~~Outtakes & Candids~~

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