A Tale of Two Moms
Just a little comparison & contrast. . .

From the classic animated series, Speed Racer.
"Online Heroes" custom caricature courtesy of Matt @ IronCow Productions
Mom Racer
Mom Racer
The Enigmatic Animated Legend
A Modern American Reality
Basic MO: Domestic goddess extraordinnaire,
purely ala June Cleaver.
Basic MO: Senior Executive Domestic Engineer.
(IOW,no June Cleaver here!)
Probably more a mix of Claire Huxtable
collides with Roseanne!
General Description: Again with the signature
June Cleaver hair (brunette version),
apron and dress.
General Description: Definitely a brunette, but
my hair is long. I wore a dress the day I got married.
Does that count? Also, I own a Speed Racer apron,
but it's strictly part of my collection. (heh!)
Background: And so, the enigma ensues. . .
Background: Born and raised
in the American Midwest.
B.A. in Spanish & Art History
Age: Apparently ever the model
of feminine modesty, this appears
to be a well-kept secret.
Our best guess? She'd have been
born around 1920.
You can do the math.
Marital Status: Married to Pops since ?????
Marital Status: Married to "Pops" since 1987.
About the Spouse: The world's
foremost automotive engineer and
proprietor of Mifune Motors. Designed
and built the fabulous Mach V.
Former wrestling champion.
Gruff and loud exterior, but
the heart of a teddy bear.
About the Spouse: V.P. Development/
Senior Database Engineer.
Builds and maintains payroll databases.
Former college soccer player;
now a dedicated golfer.
A generally mild-mannered guy
with a great sense of humor.
Maternal Charges: 3 sons, widely spaced in age.
Rex (Racer X)(b.~ 1939?),
Speed (b.~ 1949), Spritle (b.~ 1959)
One chimpanzee: Chim-Chim.
Believes her son Rex to be dead.
Maternal Charges: 1 daughter, 2 sons, closely spaced.
Jennifer (b. 1992), Alex (b. 1994),
Mitchell (b. 1995)
Raising my boys is kind of like
managing Spritle & Chim-Chim.
Favorite Color: Apparently minty-pastel green.
I mean, just look at the dress!
Favorite Color: Cranberry red.
Also wrought-iron black and taupe.
Flower of Choice: Pure white roses.
Flower of Choice: Dark red roses.
Pastimes/Hobbies: Apparently she bakes--A LOT!!
Pastimes/Hobbies: Collecting! (Lots of things.)
Also, crafting and volunteering.

Things I'd Imagine Mom Would Have to Say About Me. . .

I have to admire a modern gal who has a mind to
set aside employment/career in order to stay home and raise
her family. Domesticity is becoming such a lost art form. . .

I understand she actually cooks for her family as well.
Truly refreshing in this day and age! All this eating
out anymore. . . Tsk! Tsk!

She does tend to be a bit outspoken and involved, doesn't she?
Personally, I prefer the comfort of working my magic from
behind the scenes, but that's just me. . .

Her appearance certainly is quite casual as well; all that dressing
for comfort and whatnot, and that contemporary "natural/
slightly mussed" looking hair. I just don't understand that at all.
Heaven forbid, what if the postman should come to the door? I
believe in being impeccably attired for any eventuality.
After all, you never know when your husband may be back from
his travels.

Her probable request: Won't you please invite me to you
next "Pampered Chef" demonstration?!

A Few Things I Have to Say About Mom. . .

Even though her approach is a bit dated, all in all,
I really have to admire the very model of domestic tradition
and family support that is Mom Racer. However, a there are a
few things about her that leave me scratching my head and
wondering. . .

For one thing, let's talk about her parenting skills. Spritle
is an 8-year-old boy freely traipsing about the globe with his
chimpanzee, following after his father and brother, often
times stowing away in the trunk of the Mach V. Now I ask you:
why isn't this child ever in school?! And how often does he actually
end up being disciplined for hiding in that trunk?! As a parent
myself, all I can say is: "What is up with that?!!?"

It would appear that Mom Racer is stuck home alone an awful
lot while her family is off traversing the globe. How come
she never seems to get to tag along? And what exactly does she do
with all that spare time? (Spare time I'd LOVE to have on my own
hands, thank you very much!) I mean, think about it: if nobody's home
for long stretches, just exactly how much housework can this
woman really have to do? And for whom, exactly, is she doing all
this baking?! It has to make you wonder. . .

While I admire Mom's impeccable sense of propriety and personal
appearance, I can't help feeling as though she could use a bit of a
modern-day make over. Someone really needs to let her know
that minty-pastel green is just simply over, and she needs to relax
that bouffant just a touch. And personally, I'd really love to see
her toss on a sweatshirt or a fuzzy fleece pullover, cast
aside her worries and relax once in a while.

My probable request: Wanna swap a recipe or two? I'll spot you
my Sangria recipe if you'll explain the whole mystery
and mystique of the kumquat, because it really eludes me. . .

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